20kW Solar System

20kW Solar Power System

Increase your profit by installing Solar Power System provided by Hybrid Solar Energy Solutions on your commercial property

As your power consumptions needs are increasing, commercial solar power installation would help your business reduce the energy bills and over a period of 3-5 years, the system would start generating extra income for your business.

Who needs 20kW Solar Power System?

  • 20KW solar system is ideal for mid-size business.
  • When you are in a high power consumption industry.
  • If you have a property 150 Square meter roof or open space.

What do you get in 20kW Solar Power System?

  • You would get latest in market 370kW x 54 panels.
  • A massive 20KW inverter connected to your system to ensure that all your energy needs are fulfill round the year.

Is that it?

  • You get 25-30 years performance warranty on solar panels, 5 years warranty on inverter and a 10 years workmanship warranty. This would ensure that you could relax and let Hybrid Solar Energy Solutions take care of all your worries.
  • You get full Australian support post installation and get our best in class customer service.

Technical Specifications for a 20kW solar power system:

Solar Panels
  • Solar panels by leading manufacturer of world.
  • Tier-I monocrystalline solar panels.
  • 25-30 Years of performance warranty.
  • Latest technology panels ensuring highest energy production.
Solar Invertor
  • 20KW inverter.
  • Highest efficiency inverter to ensure your business energy needs are fulfill.
  • CEC Accredited inverter and recommended by CEC accredited Installers.
Solar Installation
  • All of our installer are Clean Energy Council Accredited.
  • Friendly staff with installation with minimum fuss.
  • Professionally trained Installer to provide you best in class service.

Still confused whether you should buy 20kW solar power system or not?

Read a list of Frequently Asked Questions on 20kW solar power system.

What is the cost of 20kw solar power system?
  • A 20KW solar power system standard installation would cost you ~ $15000 - $18000. This price is for a standard installation. The price may vary based on the brand of inverter or based on the roof type of house. However, rest assured we give Price Match Guarantee. Therefore, you would always get the best Price.
  • Fill in your details and request for an obligation free consultation of your house.
  • Above cost is inclusive of subsidy offered by Australian government on solar power systems.
How much power generated on daily basis by a 20kW solar power system?
  • A standard 20kW solar power system installation would generate typically 80kW – 90kW of energy per day.
  • This is also dependent of various factors like the amount of sun availability, wind, and shadow on your roof, climate, wear and tear etc.
What is your total saving on a 20kW solar power system?
  • A 20kW solar power system would help you reduce your electricity bill. As soon as grid connection is setup, it would start earning for you and would pay back for the system.
  • An average daily production for 20KW solar power system is around 90kW and assuming that you are paying somewhere around 25-30C for electricity power consumed from grid. This system would help you save around $20 per day.
  • $20 x 365 ~ $7300 annually would be saved with a 20KW system.
  • - Which means every year you are generating additional profit of 7300$.
  • Additionally you would have a reduced carbon footprint and higher positioned then your competitor as you get to save our planet by choosing greener energy

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